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The Best Glow In The Dark & Luminescent Products

GloRope: Our Story was founded in Colorado in 2006. Since that time we have grown and developed our unique and innovative way of infusing glow materials into products. Our unique products and their design give their users immeasurable safety and benefits for years to come.

The main thing that sets us apart from other glow-in-the-dark product suppliers is that we only use the very highest quality glow materials in our products. Our master batch processes allows all of our products to have the absolute maximum threshold for light so they emit an incredible glow that lasts for a period of time unmatched by any of its competitors.

We have grown up from our humble beginnings. Our initial products offered not only glow cave diving rope, but glow Dyneema rope, and glow static kernmantle. We now have expanded the use of our glow-in-the-dark technology to additional product lines that include glow-in-the-dark-fabric, glow pet collars, and marine and dock products to keep everyone safe no matter what summer boating activities they prefer. We even have glow aluminum dock cleats as well as fisherman’s glow rulers to appeal to every kind of outdoor enthusiast.

Green Energy

Our products are Green Energy products, meaning they produce their light via completely natural methods like charging by daylight – in addition to the obvious safety of having natural luminescence when electric light sources fail.

Our GloRope products can charge to their full capacity just by being exposed to sunshine for an extended period of time. This means that any dock safety products that are out in the sun all day charge without any supervision and are always bright and glowing by the time the night falls. In addition, pets who spend the day exploring outside in the sunshine will have collars that glow bright by the time the sun sets, keeping your dog or outdoor cat safe and visible, even in rural settings at night. No need to have batteries around your pets’ necks – GloRope pet collars glow with clean energy.

Outdoor Safety

Whether you live in the city or the country, it can never hurt to have a battery-free light source at night. Joggers, cyclists, or people who commute after the sun goes down can always benefit from making themselves visible to motorists. Similarly, on the water as opposed to on the street, you can keep your boating dock safe from any night boaters that happen to be on your lake, in addition to marking any hazards on land that may pose serious threats in the darkness.

GloRope: The Obvious Choice

With our products, you can help reduce the light pollution, and allow everyone to be able to look up and see the stars again. There is no need to ruin your night vision by constantly churning out dead batteries into the environment because of flash light usage. Use our glow materials to reclaim from the darkness the things you actually want to see.
“Be a light unto a Dark World.”